Sunday Recap

Monday: Rest day. I went over to my parents’ for breakfast, which was delicious.


Obi is loving the new apartment because there are a lot of birds for him to watch.

Tuesday: Four miles which turned into five miles because I was feeling really good.


After work, I did an upper body workout at the apartment gym, my first since getting home, and it felt good.


My gym’s lighting is really, really good.

Wednesday: 8 miles. I’ve started listening to the Serial podcast. It’s good so far but I’m not quite as hooked as I expected, given what everyone says about it.


Thursday: Leg workout before work, followed by 15 minutes on the stair master for hill training. My legs were shaking by the end.


I got off work early. I took a nap and woke up to kitten cuddles. This is a very big deal. Obi usually only cuddles Matt.


Friday: I decided to designate Fridays as the day I get to sleep in an extra hour because my Saturday mornings are dictated by long runs avoiding the heat. So I didn’t workout before work, thinking I would likely get out early (this is pretty common.) But the trial I was at, taking notes as an assistant (basically), ended up taking all day. We didn’t get out of court until 5:15 so my dad and I decided to go get dinner. And I made Friday a rest day.

Saturday: 16 miles. Not easy but not as hard as last week’s 15 miler. I had a few hiccups with the route I wanted to take being closed or blocked but I did it.


The downside of this being my first-ever marathon training cycle is that my body has never been pushed this far before. The trade off is that every week my long run increases is a PR for me. I also remember, during my last mile, wondering how on earth I would be able to run another 10.2 miles. I reminded myself that right now, my body is trained to run 16 miles. By July 23, it will be trained to run 26.2 I just have to put in the work.

After my run, Matt and I ran errands before we went to see Wonder Woman. It was fantastic. I have some pretty strong ideas about character development and plot (shocker, since one of my degrees is in creative writing, I know) and this movie measured up.

Also, now I want to dress up at Wonder Woman for any costume party ever. Gal Gadot is a badass.

Sunday: Coffee. Lots of it.


This mug was a graduation present. I love it.

Grocery shopping and laundry are on my to-do list, as is some relaxing in the sun and a coffee date with my mama. I’ll also probably being doing the upper body workout I skipped on Friday. Also, I am in need of some serious stretching.

And that’s the end of Week 12 of marathon training. Week 13, I’m coming for you.

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