Trip to Kauai: Days 1-3

This post is not going to be about running at all. It’s going to be all about my trip to Kauai. If you’re not interested, the running will resume on Sunday when I recap Week 12 of my training for the San Francisco Marathon.

First, a little background on how/why we went to Kauai. About a year and a half ago, Matt’s mom, Cheryl, suggested it as a graduation present to Matt and I. Their whole family wanted to go and she offered to pay for Matt’s portion of the trip. Mine too, with the exception of the plane ticket. Obviously, we decided to go.

We graduated on May 13, moved to our new apartment in a new city on May 14, and flew out on May 18. I took notes on my phone about what we did each day so I wouldn’t forget.

We technically landed on May 18 but we landed at 9:00 and went to the grocery store. Not very exciting.

Day 1: Tim (Matt’s dad) and I both woke up early because of the time change. We were staying in a rental house in Princeville (the northern side of the island) and decided to see if we could find the Queen’s Bath. Spoiler: we found it about 20 minutes from the house.

We went back after breakfast with Cheryl, Matt’s sister Lynnsey and her fiance, Zach. We saw a school (a pod?) or sea turtles. No good pictures, unfortunately.

After lunch, we went to Hanalei and hung out at the beach. After the beach, we got some food. I split fish tacos with Lynnsey, which were amazing.


Day 2: I ran in the morning, three miles on my own, and then one mile with Lynnsey, Zach, and Tim. After we showered and ate breakfast, we went to Hanalei for a farmer’s market with Matt’s maternal grandparents. I got a coconut, which was yummy especially in the heat and humidity.


He had no idea I was taking his picture.  

After the farmer’s market, we drove to the Na Pali Coast, where the road ends at Ke’e Beach. There is a trail going up along the coast, which is apparently rated 9/10 on difficulty. We decided to hike half a mile in because there was a good view of the rest of the coast.


Waiting at the bottom of the trail.

We originally were going to attempt to hike 2 miles in to a beach but Lynnsey forgot her hiking boots. This turned out to be a good thing, because we were not prepared for that long of a hike on such a steep trail.

We hiked back down and went back to Hanalei in search of food. We ate a restaurant called Kalypso and split three different kinds of nachos (chicken, steak, and their specialty Kahlua pork.) It was delicious.

After we got home and showered (again) Tim went for a bike ride and we played Taboo. Cheryl and I won.

Day 3: We got up early to drive to a hike. We left later than planned because Matt, Tim, and Zach decided to try to fix the ice maker They were somewhat successful. We headed out for Waimea Canyon, which was on the western side of the island. Because the road ends going north, we had to go south and then west.

We stopped for donuts and cinnamon rolls, which turned out to be a wise move. Waimea Canyon is called “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and is actually pretty dry because it sits in the rain shadow of the rest of the island.

See? Very dry.

The hike down to the canyon was about 2 miles. Then we hiked a little farther to the top of Waipo’o Falls (the falls in the right-hand picture, but that was taken from an overlook across the canyon.) Matt got good pictures with his drone but it was hard to see from the top of the falls how big it really was.

Most of my pictures were from the drive back, when we stopped a few times so Matt’s grandparents could see the canyon.

This was also the day I got the worst sunburn. Matt and I hiked back ahead of everyone else and so I couldn’t reapply sunscreen and my shoulders got pretty scorched. Not fun but not terrible.

We made tacos back at the house for dinner and Matt’s other grandparents (his dad’s parents) arrived that night.

I’ll continue this in the next post. Thanks for reading!

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