Sunday Recap: Kauai Addition

Hello there. It’s been a while. What have you been up to?

I’ve been in Kauai. Yes, one of the islands of Hawaii. That Kauai. I’m going to do a couple big posts with pictures about everything we did but today is focused on the running and other fitness I’ve been up to.

Let’s take it back to…

Thursday, May 18: Track workout! 10x400s with 200 meter recovery in between. I felt great. I ran at my old high school, which was a little weird. Then I drove home, showered, finished packing, and went to the airport.


Friday, May 19: Our first full day in Kauai! Matt’s dad and I were both up super early (Hawaii is four hours behind Idaho) so we explored around the house we were renting and found the Queen’s Bath. It was a bit of a hike to get down and we went again with everyone else, so hiking was the extent of my fitness for the day.


Saturday, May 20: I woke up at about 6:00 (the time change and the plethora of roosters on Kauai) and ran. I did three miles on my own then swung back and ran the last mile with Matt’s sister Lynnsey, her fiance Zach, and his dad, bringing my total to four miles.


We also hiked half a mile of the Na Pali Coast trail.


Sunday, May 21: I skipped my run because we decided to hike Waimea Canyon. Four miles round trip and my legs were feeling it.


Monday, May 22: Five miles listening to the “Ali on the Run” podcast. Perfect way to start the day of exploring. No hiking, which was good because my body hurt.


Tuesday, May 23: No run because we got up early to drive down to Lihue to take a helicopter tour.

Wednesday, May 24: Five miles, with the first mile done in pouring (I mean pouring rain) and then the rest were dry.


Seen on my run because I looked like a drowned cat and Kauai is always beautiful.

Thursday, May 25: Four easy miles. No picture.

Friday, May 26: A rest day, we explored the southern side of the island a little more before our flight, which left at 9:55 pm. Fell asleep and woke up…

Saturday, May 27: Woke up when we landed at about 6:30 am Seattle time (3:30 am Kauai time) got breakfast at Starbucks before the next flight. I fell asleep again on that flight. I walked with my mom that afternoon, maybe a mile and a half.

Sunday, May 28: 15 mile long run from hell. It just sucked. My feet hurt. My hips hurt. I had spent 8 days at sea level and Boise sits at around 2,700 feet so I had a hard time breathing. My legs felt like lead and my pace sucked. I walked. I stopped. At one point, I cried. It was bad. But I finished.


There you go, I’m all caught up! I’m going to do two posts this week more about what we did in Kauai but this covers my running. Today might be Monday but my hips are sore so I have no problem missing this Monday’s workout.

Until next time,


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