Wednesday Thoughts

Matt and I are currently in the middle of packing up our apartment for our move on Sunday. I dread packing (it stresses me out so much) but so far, it hasn’t been too bad. It still feels like we haven’t made that much progress but it’s coming along.

Yesterday, I had a presentation as a my final for my regional literature class and it was the last academic task of my undergraduate career.

Yes, that’s right, I am unofficially done with undergrad.

It hasn’t really hit me that I’m graduating. I know it but I don’t know, if you get what I mean. I’m sure it will hit me on Saturday when I put on my cap and gown.

But let’s talk about running because this is a running blog with a little bit of life thrown in, not vice versa.


Yesterday, I ran 7 miles after I finished my presentation. It was pretty warm, low seventies, and I am not used to running in that kind of weather so it was much harder than I anticipated. I also got a fairly gnarly sunburn.

Don’t tell my dad.


Mid-run selfie success!

When I started off, I thought I’d try a tempo run, which I’ve never done. I used the first mile as a warm up and then decided to keep the next few under 9 minutes. That worked for about 2 miles and then I started to feel the heat and slowed down.

But it was such a gorgeous day, it was hard to be upset or too uncomfortable. It was so nice to get a run in this spring weather because it’s taken so long for winter to leave. I’m going to miss my usual running routes once I move.

Enjoying the day is one of my favorite reasons to run and I’m so glad I got a few nice days before the chaotic, busy weekend ahead.


The rest of my week looks like this:

Thursday: Pack. Pack some more. Gym workout.

Friday: 10 mile run. Pick up U-Haul truck and load 90% of our stuff. Family arriving around 3:00. Various grad events and sushi.

Saturday: Graduation and graduation festivities.

Sunday: Up early and drive down to Boise.

Very busy but I have one last run here in Moscow and I can’t wait.

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