Sunday Recap: Week 8

Hello, beautiful humans. It’s been a while. I had essays due Thursday and Friday this week so I was busy writing, just not for this blog. But I turned in my last college essay EVER yesterday and now all I have left is a history final and a presentation for my literature class before I am done!

But let’s start at the beginning of the week.

Monday: Woke up feeling nauseous so I skipped my easy run. My stomach is very sensitive to sugar overload (which definitely happened at the girls’ brunch I hosted the day before) so I spent the first half of the day in bed munching on pretzels, getting research for my papers done, and reading.


Oatmeal with PB Fit and half a Clif bar. My all-time favorite breakfast.

Thankfully, I felt much better by Monday night because Matt gave me my birthday present early: a Garmin Forerunner 235. I was really surprised because I did not think anyone would get me the cheap Garmin (it’s like $120 and this one is more than $300) because it’s right before graduation and Hawaii. He gave it to me early because he wanted me to be able to use it ON my birthday run. Which I did. Obviously.

Tuesday: My birthday! I wanted to start it off with a run instead of a gym workout so that’s exactly what I did. Four miles through my favorite neighborhood.


So pretty and once I figured out the correct pause/unpause button, easy to use.

I had six hours of class as usual, gave my presentation in my Film Theory class, came home, ate some chocolate, and then we went to dinner. I decided I wanted a bagel from the Bagel Shop (it’s a Moscow fixture, I’d highly recommend it.) I got an asiago bagel with turkey, tomato, sprouts, muenster, and avocado. Then we got two cookies, chocolate chip and peanut butter, and each ate half. The perfect end to my birthday before I went home and continued the death march of essays.


Obviously not from Tuesday night but this is much more aesthetic than the mess on my desk right now.

Wednesday: Last official day of my running class. We did the Cooper test again and this time, I ran about 250 meters farther in 12 minutes. Plus, I didn’t feel like dying at the end, so it was a big improvement!


It was finally sunny. 

I also did a back and bis workout today because I skipped it on Tuesday. Then, because the weather was so beautiful, I took my studying to a park.


Thursday: Legs and abs before my last day of classes as an undergrad. It was very surreal. This was also the first hot day we’ve had this year. It got up to 80. Such a sudden jump was not great but it’s hard to be that mad when there are all these flowers:



Yes, I know dandelions are technically weeds but they’re still pretty.

I also went to the Invitational Undergraduate Reading because one of my professors had nominated me. The English Honor Society I belong to was also co-hosting it and this was the last time we all got to hang out together because most of us are graduating next weekend.


Friday: Chest and shoulders in the morning with Matt. I’ve been making an effort to push myself in these workouts and boy did I feel it. I finished my take-home history final and dropped it off at my professor’s office. Right as I got home, a thunderstorm started and then around 5:00 the power went out. We waited until about 6:30 and then went to get pizza because we were hungry. Came home, it still wasn’t back on so we went to our friends’ apartment (they still had power) to charge our phones.

The power eventually came back on between 8:30 and 9:00. It was very eerie because the streetlights and stoplights were all out. So were the signs for the stores in the areas affected.

Saturday: In the interest of not making this post super long, I think I’ll go into more detail about this run tomorrow. But here’s the short version:

I woke up at 6:40. I ate a mini-bagel with almond butter on one half and raspberry preserves on the other. I stretched and foam rolled to warm my legs up. Decided to wear capris instead of shorts because it was misting.

And then I ran 13.1 miles in 1:59:23.



Like I said, I’ll go more into detail about this run tomorrow. But suffice it to say, I rode the high of this run all day.

Sunday: We had some friends over to play board games last night so I didn’t get to bed until 1:30. You’d think I’d sleep in but nope, I woke up at 7:45 and couldn’t fall back asleep. Eventually, I gave up trying to go back to sleep, did some sun salutations, and made breakfast.


A napping Obi picture because he is #sundaygoals

I have my history final tomorrow so I’m going to study for that and do laundry. I will also probably make some steps towards packing. I’d also like to work in some yoga but other than that, I’m very much looking forward to a lazy Sunday of not wearing real pants.

Until next time,


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