10 Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen

Hello beautiful humans. Today, I thought I’d share some random pieces of advice regarding college. Some of you likely graduated from college, so if nothing else, I hope these make you nostalgic. Or maybe there’s a high school senior you know who could benefit from some advice.

Okay, so, here we go:

#1– Please for the love of God remember to bring trash bags to your dorm.

#2– Don’t forget to keep at least one suitcase with you after your parents leave. I made this mistake but thankfully my parents came to visit and left me with one so I didn’t pack for Thanksgiving in trash bags.

#3– Yes, college is hard but your freshman year probably won’t be. Yes, you should still study and get good grades but make friends. You’ll end up with some great memories from your freshman year that won’t ever come again. I remember 40 of us going to dinner at a restaurant spontaneously one Friday night.

#4– Remember, no one has any idea what they’re doing. No one’s been to college before and everyone feels just as awkward and out of place as you. I promise. Keep your dorm door open (if your roommate isn’t sleeping) and make a point to stop and talk to people. Ignore the awkwardness. It’s all good.

#5- Choose sleep. Pulling an all-nighter is not worth it. Trust me, one of my degrees is in psychology: there comes a point when continuing to cram does more harm to your test-taking ability than getting some sleep.

#6- If you have a class with an awesome professor, try to take another class from them, even if it isn’t something you think you’ll be interested in. The professors really make the difference in college and a good professor teaching a boring class is a hell of a lot better than a bad professor screwing up an interesting class.

#7– Amazon Prime. Textbooks, random things stores in town don’t carry, birthday presents, all delivered in 2-3 days. Definitely worth it while you have the student rate.

#8– If your school offers PE classes like yoga or zumba, take one. It’s an easy way to get a workout in and working out=so many benefits for being a college student.

#9– Go to at least one football/basketball/soccer/other sport involving a ball game. Just one. Get some concession snacks, rank the players’ butts for cuteness, and just enjoy it.

#10– If your dining hall has a sandwich line, stick to that if you’re sick of all the other food. Sandwiches can be customized and are pretty reliably good.

I think I’ll do another post like this for being fit in college soon but this is just general advice.

What advice would you give a freshman?

What’s one of your favorite college memories?

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