Sunday Recap: Week 6

I can’t believe I’ve already completed six weeks of marathon training.

I can’t believe I’m graduating and moving in three weeks.

I’m a big bundle of disbelief today, mixed in with a healthy dose of procrastinating on not one, not two, but three final papers I have to write. Without further ado, here’s how my week went.

Monday: 4 miles easy. We ran these on a country road in the strongest wind I think I’ve ever run in. In the beginning, I thought maybe I could do 5 but I was happy to turn around and get four. It was that windy.


Tuesday: Back and bis workout before class, vinyasa yoga (where my teacher seems more interested in meditation and I am more interested in stretching my hips and hamstrings) and then 3 easy, sunny miles.


Featuring some daffodils because they make me smile.

Wednesday: Kate scheduled tempo runs for everyone in my class. Along with another girl, I was assigned  10K at race pace. Since I don’t know what that is yet, I just pushed myself. Unfortunately, we came across a gate (the joys of living in a town surrounded by farm land) and our run ended up being five miles, which I ran in 41:21. I still think this is pretty good for me and I’m proud that I felt like I could have kept going.


I went to a coffee shop after class to work on my history research paper and I got an actual mug with latte art and everything.


Thursday: I had my first two (out of four) classes cancelled so I did a slightly longer leg and ab workout at the gym. This may not have been my best decision because I was so sore the next few days I could barely get out of bed without whimpering.

On the bright side, spring was out in full force on Thursday.


Friday: Chest and shoulders workout with Matt. Because my legs were so sore from Thursday, I tried not to sit down for too long and ended up walking downtown to enjoy the sun. I also got a fair bit of homework done because Matt’s mom came to visit us this weekend. We had Mexican for dinner.

Saturday: This week was a ‘rest’ week so my long run was 7 miles. Let me tell you, running 7 miles on incredibly sore glutes is no picnic. I would not recommend it. But I maintained a decent pace in spite of that and I’m proud of my effort.


One day, I will get to run in shorts AND a tank top instead of one or the other.

SundayRest day. So far, I’ve done homework and started laundry. I’m procrastinating going to get another book for my history paper and doing research for my term paper in another class. The history paper is due on Tuesday. The term paper (along with yet another paper for my literature class) is due the following Thursday. I also have two presentations, a take-home final, and an in-class final left before graduation. Not to mention packing.

But that’s not interesting to anyone except my worrying-obsessed brain so here’s Obi stretching:


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and getting ready to have another productive week.

Until next time,


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