Hello, beautiful humans.

I wanted to talk a little today about how grateful I am for spring. It’s sunny today, and I ran in shorts at 8:00 am, a first of the year, and so I’m going to call it: spring is officially here.


Spring has never been my favorite season, especially here in northern Idaho, because it feels like it takes forever to get to the nice part of spring. By that I mean the days in the sixties with a warm breeze and fluffy white clouds against a blue sky. No, Idaho is more likely to get stuck with blustery, gray spring punctuated by rain. Usually, though, this starts in March. This year, it lasted into April.

We’ve had a pretty rough winter, relatively speaking, in Idaho. Lots of snow (we’re talking it snowed at the end of November and there were at least 6 inches on the ground until the end of January.) This is not normal for Idaho. Because the weather didn’t improve by March or even early April, I am very excited that spring seems to have finally arrived.

A big part of this is because I’m training for a marathon and I don’t have the patience/mental strength to run farther than 3 miles on a treadmill with any regularity. I’m tired of bundling up for every run. I’m tired of the wind numbing my face. I’m tired of my socks getting soaked by the end of the second mile.

There’s still rain in the forecast and I know my rainy runs aren’t over yet but how can I not be hopeful when some days look like this:


Or like this:


The sunshine hasn’t just put me in a better mood. Obi is pretty excited for all the sunny napping potential available:


He’s totally raising his paws in praise of spring, not stretching in his sleep.

One of the parts of spring that I have always loved is seeing the flowers. Crocuses are beautiful and so are tulips but daffodils are definitely my favorite of the bulb flowers that bloom every spring.


I hope wherever you are, spring is giving winter a run for its money and hopefully, we’ll all be complaining about how hot summer running is before too long.

Until next time,


What’s your favorite thing about spring?

How was winter where you live?

Favorite spring flower?

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