Marathon Monday

If you aren’t involved in the running world, you might not know that the Boston Marathon is today.

The first time I really heard about the Boston Marathon was because of the bombing in 2013. I was a senior in high school and I remember arguing about the ramifications with other students. It all seemed very remote.Then, last year, I ran Bloomsday, which is a 7.5 mile race in Spokane. I remember seeing that no one, including spectators, were allowed to bring backpacks to the course and I knew that the Boston Marathon mattered.

But as a runner, the Boston Marathon didn’t mean a lot to me until this past autumn, when I learned what it means as a runner. I learned what BQ means. I learned how hard people work to run a marathon so they can run the oldest marathon. I learned that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Kathrine Switzer’s debut.

I learned that it is so much more than a marathon and I haven’t even seen it.

But it’s incredibly motivating. This morning dawned rainy and very, very windy. In short, my least favorite weather to run in. But how could I not brave that weather knowing how many people were running in Boston?

Spoiler: I ran and whenever the wind made it feel like I was running straight into a brick wall, I told myself I had to run in this awful weather so the Boston runners could enjoy their sunshine.

I don’t know if I will ever be able, or even want, to run Boston. But I do know that one day, I will go to watch and cheer on the elites and ordinary men and women alike. Because to me, the Boston Marathon represents everything that makes me want to run a marathon:

Hard work.



Happy Marathon Monday and congratulations to anyone who has ever crossed the finish line of any marathon.

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