Why Did I Decide to Run a Marathon?

Grab your popcorn, boys and girls, it’s story time.

When I tell someone I’m training for a marathon, almost everyone gets the same look in their eye. If you’ve traveled this path before, you probably know it well.

It’s the Why on earth would you want to run that far? You must have lost your mind look.

So, today, I thought I’d answer that question. Because I like lists and multiples of five, here are my five reasons I want to run a marathon.

#1- I wanted to have a fitness goal to work toward. I’ve been working out consistently, with a mix of strength training and running, for almost two years. I started just for the endorphins and the thrill of doing something new and difficult. But now I want a goal and I didn’t want to pick something too easy. I wanted something I would have to work hard for and so I picked a marathon.


#2- I knew that I was only going to be taking four classes this semester, instead of my usual five or six. I also knew that law school is incredibly intense and I didn’t think I would have time to train for a marathon while I’m in the midst of that. And I didn’t want to wait another three years to see if I could do it. So, I decided to take advantage of a lighter course load.

#3 I’ve never considered myself a very athletic person. I still trip going down the stairs in my apartment. My hips and knees seem magnetically attracted to door frames and door knobs. But I can run and I want to see exactly how much.


#4- I always said I would never run a marathon because I wasn’t that crazy. I was firmly convinced that I would never run more than 13 miles. But the truth is, I was too scared to imagine that I could run a marathon. And I don’t like the idea of not doing something just because it scares me (unless it’s actually dangerous, like sky-diving.)

#5- This is technically two reasons but I find them impossible to separate: Because I want to try, because I want to see if I can. I want to test myself, body and mind, and see if I am as strong as I believe I am.


And there you have. The five reasons I decided to run a marathon. On Wednesday, I’ll explain why I chose the San Francisco Marathon.

Until then, keep running,


What do you want to do that scares you?

If you’ve run a half or full marathon, why did you decide to run it?

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