My First Track Workout

Hello and happy hump-day, beautiful humans.

Today, I ran my first-ever track workout. I ran track in elementary school, but we ran on a field. Then, the one year I did track in junior high, we also ran on a field. My experience running on a track consists of running on the indoor track at the Student Rec when it was too rainy or too dark to run outside and all the treadmills were taken.

But today, Kate (the teacher for my running class) had me do eight 400 meter repeats, with 200 meter jog between each. She told me to run at around 70% effort. I didn’t have a clear idea what that meant but I decided that if I felt I could hold a pace for a mile, it was too slow. But I am also hyper-aware that my body is not at all used to running fast.

So, now, let’s get into some of the thoughts I had. Oh, it’s also important to mention that it was raining (hence, no pictures.)

Okay, this isn’t too bad. Wait, I’ve only run 100 meters? How I am going to make it to 400?

I have never been so excited to jog at walking pace before in my life.

Wow, that 200 meters was more than enough for me to catch my breath. Here we go again!

400 meters isn’t that long. 

So, if I run eight 400s, I’ll end up running 2 miles. Add in eight 200 meters for recovery, that’s another mile. 

Holy shit, I’m only halfway done.

There are a lot of worms on the track. I’m getting worm guts all over my shoes.

I can’t tell if I’m sweating or my face is just wet from the rain.

So…everyone else in the class is done and I still have two repeats left. Great. Okay. I can do this.

Why do my legs feel so heavy?

I want some water.

So. Many. Worms.

YES!!! I did it! I didn’t throw up or hurt myself or anything!!


I’m so glad I wore braids because untangling a wet ponytail is awful. I also felt like I worked much harder than I do after an easy or average 3 mile run. I then went home to dry clothes and coffee, so I was very happy.

In all honesty, I’m genuinely intimidated by track/speed workouts. I’ve never before tried to run faster. I know that even if my goal isn’t to run a certain time in the SF Marathon, speed workouts will benefit the rest of my training. It’s not about the speed. It’s about being in pain or being uncomfortable or not knowing if I can do it and finishing anyway.

That being said, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be intimidated by track workouts for a long time.

Hopefully, next week, there won’t be worms all over the track. That would be nice.

Until next time,


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