Sunday (and Saturday) Recap

Happy Sunday, beautiful humans. Here’s a quick recap of my week and a not-so-quick recap of my incredibly busy Saturday.

Monday: 3 miles. Monday was the first day of my new running class and so it was my first experience running with other people. I quite enjoyed it.

Tuesday: Back and bis workout before class, Vinyasa Yoga (one of my classes) and 3 miles after class. I somehow managed to run in the one hour where it was not raining.


Tuesday is also the day I got a voicemail telling me I got into law school and so this 3 mile run was celebratory and I felt great the whole time.

Wednesday: Day 2 of my running class. My teacher (her name is Kate) had us do the Cooper test. If you don’t know what it is, you see how many laps of a track you can run in 12 minutes. I almost managed 6 (I was about 50 meters short) which means my mile pace was like 8:04. I hope she doesn’t expect me to be able to do that for more than one mile with hills involved, because I definitely can’t do that. No time for pictures, so here’s a sweaty selfie from my Tuesday run:


After class on Wednesday, I picked up my cap, gown, tassels, and honor cord because I’m graduating in seven weeks. Holy crap.

Thursday: Leg workout before class and I was sore from this particular workout for days. On Friday, sitting on unpadded surfaces hurt my poor glutes. Another Vinyasa Yoga class.

Friday: Chest and shoulders workout with the boyfriend and then climbing (also with the boyfriend.) Relaxed and watched a movie. Obi cuddled with us.


Saturday: 7 miles while listening to the Ali on the Run Show, which is a podcast created by one of my newfound favorite runner/bloggers. You can find her blog here.


After I got home, I rushed through my coffee and oatmeal so I could go to the Admitted Students event for law students. The law school I’m attending is attached (part of? Associated with?) my current university so it was right on campus.

FullSizeRender (1)

The event lasted about three and a half hours. I came home, ate lunch, relaxed, and headed back to campus to help incoming freshmen English majors register for their first semester. Let me tell you, seeing incoming freshmen makes me feel equal parts nostalgic and old.

Then Matt and I went to dinner to celebrate the fact that I got into law school. I had a ham sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli and he had a burger. And fries. With fry sauce. Basically, my heaven.


Sunday: Rest day. Lots of coffee, lounging in my pajamas, laundry, homework, and grocery shopping are all that’s on my agenda. Oh, and cuddling with Obi. Obviously.


That’s a wrap on Marathon Training Week 2.

Until next time,


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