Spring and Positive Thoughts

Hello, beautiful humans. Let’s talk about spring.

In theory, I love spring. Idaho’s winters aren’t quite as infamously awful as, say, those in Chicago or New England but they’re not something to sneeze at. We get our fair share of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures.


I love winter (a post I’m saving for next winter) but come March, I’m daydreaming of wearing shorts and sunglasses instead of boots and scarves. Spring should bring me joy. It’s getting warm! Flowers are starting to bloom! The trees have buds! Spring can look like this:


After months of bundling up before braving the elements, days like this make me giddy. The problem is that they are immediately followed by days like today:


Rainy. Cold. Windy. This see-saw between sun and rain begins in February (with the exception of this year, when winter claimed February for its own) and continues until the end of April. And rain combined with wind is my absolute least favorite running weather.

I want spring days filled with blue skies washed clean of rain, with warm sunlight and no hint of wind. I want spring days where I can run in a tank top and shorts without returning drenched in sweat. I want to wear cute dresses so I don’t have to put on real pants.


But I don’t want to end on such a whiny note. Part of my reason for starting this blog was to have a place to convince myself to look at the positives. So, here goes: three things I like about spring running.

#1: The first run in shorts after a long winter.

#2: When I’m a mile or so from home and a gentle rain starts. The sort of rain that doesn’t fly in your eyes but leaves you feeling clean and just cold enough to appreciate being inside.

#3: Seeing the first flowers grow from sprouts in the ground to buds to brightly colored blooms.

Until next time,


What are your favorite parts about spring running?


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