Sunday Recap

Every Sunday, I plan on posting a recap of my week for marathon training. Since that doesn’t start until tomorrow, I’m going to share a few fun facts about myself.

Fun fact #1: I am the only person in my immediate family (or extended family) born in Idaho. I was born on Mountain Home Air Force Base. My brother was born on Edwards Air Force Base in California. My mom grew up in Stockton, California, and my dad grew up in a suburb outside Detroit, Michigan.


A rare selfie with my dad where he is not scowling.

Fun fact #2: I don’t remember meeting my boyfriend, Matt. We must have met during the whirlwind that was freshman orientation but we don’t remember. We were friends for about a year before we first started dating.


At the top of Mount Si, in Washington, after sophomore year.

Fun fact #3: I have two pets. My dog, Bella, is a mutt who lives with my parents. She’s 8 years old and, as far as we can tell, she’s a mix of pointer, English setter, spaniel, and beagle.


My other pet is a gray tabby cat named Obi, short for Oberon. (Brownie points to you if you remember that Shakespeare play.) He lives with me and Matt. Matt’s mom found him in a tree near their house and we adopted him. He’s a little over a year old.


Fun fact #4: I’ve never broken a bone. The only surgery I’ve ever had was getting my wisdom teeth out last winter. I did rip my big toenail (mostly) off when I was fourteen. The moral of that story is not to ride a bike in flip-flops, even if you are going to the pool.

Fun fact #5: I did track in elementary school and one year of junior high. I also played basketball for one year, in ninth grade, and other than that, I’ve never done organized sports.

That’s it for now. Marathon training starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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